Monday, 2 August 2010

Drawer - Adore

Oh gosh! How divine are the drawers from Kent and London  way  out of my price range at at $4600 plus the $800 to ship it all the way from the UK - But if I could I most definitely wood! (pun intended) Lets see... If I give up my $24.50 a week caffeine hit and saved all my pennies for 4.3 years this baby could be mine!


  1. Thats fantastic! Maybe you could get an existing set of wood drawes. Paint it black and laser cut some letters to stick on you could make it yourself...and then make me

  2. I have a few more years and it will be my 5th Wedding anniversary - which is Wood. I have decided I am going to save for this piece. I do hope it's still around in another 2 years!

    Savings tally so far... $3.50