Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A charming idea not to be sneezed at - Framed Hankies Tutorial #2

Display vintage hankies as charming art pieces


  • Vintage handkerchiefs (find a few online (try etsy) or in  you local op shops)
  • Album art frames
  • Picture-hanging kit

Step 1: Narrow down your collection

Handkerchiefs recall a more genteel era, when people politely offered them up to friends and strangers in need. Today, vintage versions are sold in an array of patterns and make a colourful art alternative that can inject patina and history into your decorating scheme. Sort through your collection and select a few prints

Step 2: Place hankies into frames

Picture frames with a slim profile, like these album art frames from Urban Outfitters, won’t overpower small-scale prints. Don’t worry if the hankies don’t fit the frames exactly; seeing the finished edges adds extra texture and dimension. Use a blank piece of white paper to create a backdrop for any hankies that don’t reach the perimeter of the frame.

Step 3: Hang frames in a grid

A simple grid helps bring order to a mix-and-match collection. Place each frame about 2" apart. Since they’re all the same size, it’s easy to change up the order of the prints as desired later. Pair them with a no-frills industrial task lamp and simple furniture like a rustic table to keep the look from feeling old-fashioned.

Tutorial found over on  house and home


  1. Lovely tutorial! And I have many vintage hankies...

  2. I love this Bec... I have a few from childhood days. Maybe I'll decorate with them :)