Thursday, 26 August 2010

We like to things a little different... that's just how we roll!

In 2007 we eloped to Thailand to get married - just us two and a couple of $50 lady boy bridesmaids to top it off (Apparently we need some one to hold the rings)

You see we had been already been together for 12 years and then the hubby kinda got a bit ole fashioned - we both come from broken families  - with twice divorced parents and have seen first hand the lack of value adding "that" official piece of paper to a relationship  can mean!.... so it was kind of MEH to marriage for me!

I wont change my name to the hubby's surname  - I kinda find that a bit creepy seeing we are not related an all! and if we ever have kidlets I am so having that fancy double barreled surname combo.

It was a pretty easy process and cost us about $1100 for the document translations, government paper work (makes it legally binding in your home country),  ceremony, photographer and the blessing by the monk ( Who so perved at my boob's!). We then spent a month traveling around Thailand and all up the entire trip cost us $6000  - all inclusive with spending money and that was during the peak Christmas Season and New Years. If we were to get married on Christmas Day or New Years Eve the wedding cost tripled to $3000 (Eeekk) so we settled for Dec 19th.

Five mins before the ceremony the heavens opened up with crazy thunder and lightening - then it stopped just as suddenly as it started - with the sun beaming down and not a cloud on the sky... but then ensued the HUMIDITY! It was hideously hot, my super sleek hair do was no more.

If your a little unconventional like us - I highly recommend taking the eloping route - I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have if you are considering the ole run off to get married thingy!


  1. What a gorgeous wedding day Bec, sounds like heaven! I kept my name too when we got married, I like it!

  2. We too eloped, but in Vegas in October last year. It was the best way for us to get married. We had been together 7 years and had a 3 year old son together. Getting married just the two of us was magnificent. No stress, no fuss and oh so simple. Couldn't recommend it enough for anyone considering eloping.

  3. Yay Vegas! how awesome. I love being that crazy relative who ran off and eloped! Every one should have one.