Thursday, 5 August 2010

Neat Feet - Mary Jane Slippers Tutorial #1

Along with my daggy PJ collection (because I think PJ's need to be super daggy and generally 2 times larger than my actual size and generally bought in the supermarket when on special for $9.99) I also have a crazy assortment of house slippers - that have seen better days.

Since I have semi mastered the art of crochet, unless crochet is meant to be a little wonky in that case then I have "mastered" the art of crochet! I am going to make these super sweet mary jane slippers over the weekend. Not sure what colours I will use yet,  I will let the basket of wool talk to me on Saturday night.

 I found this free tutorial over on Good Knits blog - thanks good knits you are ACE!

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