Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oh hi!

Hello Peeps!

My name is Justine and I work here at The Little Shop of Handmade MOST Saturdays. Now I've been working here since March this year and have known Bec for a couple of years. I used to publish mixtapezine and also write a personal blog called 62cherry.

So I'm going to start writing semi regularly over here. I thought I'd start with TWO of my favorite pieces in store at the mo!

little shop of handmade

These WICKED ampersand purses have just arrived in store and a really good friend of mine is getting it for her birthday present!

little shop of handmade

Cute badges from Kearnsie -- not sure which one is my favourite.

I'm going to leave you with 5 reasons I love working in the shop:
** Sweet small runs of handmade goodness
** CUTE customers
** Listening to great music -- currently playing Kitty Daisy & Lewis & Pulp
** I can blog in between serving customers
** I get some kid free time

OK! That's all from me this week.


  1. I bought the hello i am doing my best badge a few weeks ago from your store and i love it. A quirky addition to my outfit on days when i have markets.

  2. i've been admiring those HELLO! badges .. will have to pop in one Saturday ( although I am NEVER childfree on Sat's - urgh! ;)


  3. hey Justine, I have the very busy very important badge - it was too funny to not have! My Mother hates it!!
    Enjoy that awesome store - I wish I lived closer to visit more often!

  4. Helloooo!
    You are a busy beaver!
    Hope you have lots of fun (read: peace!)