Thursday, 1 April 2010

Show off...Show off, pick your nose and ........

I was walking down my local shopping strip the yesterday and I came across the Country Womens mobile van parked outside the bank - real thrifty treats were to be had let me tell you.

I cant believe I found issue #1 of the Golden Hands series... Umm let me clear my throat... .50c - pristine condition and full of all the basics you need for Knitting, Crochet and Sewing.... I wonder where the other copies are?

I also scored some vintage aprons and the most amazing linen (which has gone to the dry cleaners).

Easter at the Little Shop house will rearranging furniture  and tarting up the house after scoring a few hints from some great books.

 Wearing my most favourite Chinese velvet slippers $5.99 Victoria St. All that beaded embroidery it just the best. These are a staple when chillaxing at home.

When we pop over to THY THY every couple of months - I pop into the Asian supermarket and leave with $25 worth of velvety goodness.


  1. Ooh! I'm going to get ME some of that velvety goodness too on my next visit Richmond way. Thanks. Happy Easter!!

  2. Thanks Jeanne. You have a lovely Easter too. x

  3. Ah, the rest of those Golden Hands are at my place! About two years ago, I went nuts and spent $50 on Ebay for almost all of the magazines -- Worth. It. You're welcome to borrow them any time you feel your macrame urge rising :D