Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Crikey have I got time too read!

Good Morning...

Don't you just love the bleary eyed finds on the net first thing in the morning. Even before the first mouthful of coffee - I am draining my paypal account... 2 books and 8 fat quarters later... (plus another 10 sites waiting for me! God I love tabbed browsers)

I just wanted to share the 2 fantabulous books which I just purchased - me thinks all my crafty comrades may like these.

Visit French General and take a look in their paper section - by the way the rest of the site houses some lovely finds too.

1. Crafting a business - Make money doing what you love $19.95us
2. A shop of ones own $14.95us

They do offer shipping to Australia which was $18us for both the books

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